couple of links, couple of thoughts

First up, UCL’s project about a troublesome topic for museums: Disposal.    This project invites the public to think about and vote on objects for disposal.  I’ve seen a couple of articles on it and it looks interesting.  I’ll be along there this weekend to take a look at it and report back again next week (probably Monday).

The British Museum’s Day of the Dead celebration is where you can find me on Sunday, quizzing the General Public about their experiences of the event.  I’m very excited to go along and see it in action, as well as hopefully getting a look around the Moctezuma exhibition.  I did some formative evaluation for the BM last Easter, terminology testing vocabulary for ‘Moctezuma’, so it’ll be cool to see the exhibition.

Oh, and to make it three museums in three days I’ll be at the National Maritime Museum tomorrow, to attend a conference about Museums, Material Culture and the British Empire.

Finally (for now), came accross this article in the Sunday Times magazine last weekend.  You can probably see what I made of the article in its comments section, but I suppose there’s a serious point (albeit one that I think has been badly articulated) about the use of interactives.  I kind of feel that Brewis sets up a false dichotomy (objects VS interactives = wonder VS banal screen-gazing).  In my opinon there’s no binary distinction.  Anyway, the Galleries of Modern London will house a pretty impressive 7000 objects.  The whole collection contains 1 million objects and six million more archaeological objects (including shards) – even if there were no interactives or immersive spaces the whole lot wouldn’t fit in.  And all this is without ‘Collections Online’.  Anyway, I’ll pull this together into a more coherent response before lonng and put some ideas up here…


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