autumn speed

So, I spent most of last year keeping my head down.  To be honest I got scared off, felt out of my depth and hid out at the museum.  This year feels different.  Time’s ticking by (always is) and now I feel everything’s urgent, not a moment to lose.  Have to keep moving on, making up for time that wasn’t lost (but was hidden).  Turn notebooks and scrap- sketch-books into words and talk and paper.  Have to keep moving.  Autumn does that to me.  Memento Mori?  Perhaps maybe, perhaps.  And always the shambolic steps (need to get a pencil sharpener, scissors and glue), serendipity project (find more meetings, catch more words and work).

Trying to pin down my notes is a tricky thing.  I’ve been avoiding it since May and it’s getting almost unworkable now.  So I’m sketching out ideas, subheadings, topics, themes.  I’m trying to fnid a balance between what makes it write-able and what reflects the museum’s work.  It’s hard.  I have to curate the things I’ve found into something that makes sense, isn’t isolated, is intersting and (obv) reflects what happens.  I have to find a compromise between what I can write and the days I have spent.  I never thought it would feel like such a big task.  “map out your future – but do it in pencil”.  (pause to cringe).

memento mori/pencil/£1.19, Museum of London shop.

I have a growing pile of projects to work on.  Check out the ‘side projects’ page to have a browse.


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