Apologies, I’m no going to pretend to tie-up these ideas on here today.

Urbis, centre of urban experience (not city museum) is closing.  Replaced by a relocated National Football Museum.  Word went out yesterday, (twitter ) but I didn’t take it in.  Such a shame for the staff in Preston and Manchester who (I asume) will be losing their work.  Folks at theEword have put together some initial analysis of ‘urbis’ on twitter here.

Watching it all unfold on twitter, reading about it on local newspaper websites:

Manchester Confidential andManchester Evening News

So many people replying on there, so much response and comment.  Interesting (from my distracted London perspective) to read about the distinctions felt between Liverpool and Manchester, the notion of place…

“It seems that instead of turning Manchester into an exciting, evolving and cultural relevant major world city the Council are happy to build a tourism model based on letting us go on endlessly reminiscing about past football successes and old bands. Which, let’s face it, sounds disturbingly like Liverpool…is that what we really want Manchester to become?! Pete Collins
18/11/2009 at 16:11

Peter says.. Here’s another thing: There’s a huge amount of Mancunians that get annoyed when London ‘steals’ an attraction or venue, or anything in fact, from Manchester or the north. What’s happening here is the very same thing, but Preston are the victims. Manchester is emulating the big, bad London it’s people so love to criticise for being the centre of England.”

“Al Capone of Atherton, Atherton “I will miss the excellent changing Urbis exhibitions”–– The problem is you will be in a small minority that does miss the Urbis exhibitions.
Dumbing down the city?? You do a disservice to football, which is one of the greatest phenomena of the 20th Century and hence deserves a place to be recognised in Manchester, because it is part of the fabric of Manchester.”Justified True Belief , – …
18/11/2009 at 16:46

I have a couple of personal (selfish) responses…  ONE: What a shame, I loved it when I visited the manga exhbition in Summer 2008, and I justturned up some of their publications.  TWO: Well, it’s just turned into a killer case study.  I want to go and discuss the plans with people working there.  Making a city museum (Bristol, Liverpool), re-making a city museum (London) and closing galleries of city life (Urbis).  But I can’t help but feel it’s a shame.

another blogger’s (more coherent) thoughts here.


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