Museums, breakage and loss

“Objects tend to enter the museum when their world has been destroyed, and so they are relics and witnesses of a loss” (p5).

As critics of the museum — and some of its most sophisticated supporters — consistently point out, the existence of the whole that is a museum requires a great many things to be broken” (p5)

“The museum creates wholes that speak of fragmentation; it houses hostages or refugees that can never really be sent home because their native land has ceased to exist in a way that can welcome them back as they were” (p5)

from Siegel’s introduction to The Emergence of the Modern Museum.

I collected these quotes three years ago, and they’ve been in my mind ever since. They were waiting for me when I came to update my blog, at long last.

I have submitted two softbound copies of my thesis to the student services office, and collected a receipt. I have an email that says the copies have been sent to my examiners, and I have been told the date of my viva. I also have a letter that confirms my temporary job at the Museum of London is coming to an end.

Bittersweet weeks.


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