Where are all the women?

Ever walked through a museum and wondered where all the women are? Why they’re missing from history? Ever tried to improve representation of women a museum and found the collection lacking information, stories and objects?

With the support of Arts Council England we are working to change that. I’ve put a request out to ask the public to submit their stories of women in transport, to enrich the collection and hopefully the museum’s displays.

If you’ve got someone to nominate (and don’t be shy, it can be yourself) then please let us know! https://www.ltmuseum.co.uk/collections/projects-partnerships/where-are-all-the-women

It’s a basic idea, just to ask where the women are, but it’s shown me how women get excluded from the historical record, how our systems are set up to exclude women, how our interpretation is designed in ways which don’t embrace the history of women’s work. And so I can’t wait to change it.

Half a history is just not enough.

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