Exploring London’s Olympic Waterscape

With the Olympics coming to London in 2012, the East London landscape, an area with a rich industrial history built around a series of braided waterways in the Lea Valley, is under constant construction and restructuring.

Our team, comprised of Ellie Miles, Alison Hess, Michael Anton, terri moreau, Amy Cutler and Bradley L. Garrett worked to capture what these Olympic waterways represent to the people who care about them. The film considers how the 2012 Olympics are transforming the area and what the future of this “Olympic waterscape” might be.

We wrote an article about the experience, entitled ‘London’s Olympic waterscape:capturing transition’. The article has been published in the International Journal of Heritage Studies.If you are having trouble accessing it please leave a comment and I’ll help.


The waterways of London are an essential component of the city, with the River Thames playing a prominent role in the heritage, history and identity of place.The upcoming 2012 Olympics are highlighting the Lea Valley waterways in east London as another important part of London’s waterscape, expanding London’s global presence as a ‘water city’. As part of the Creative Campus Initiative, weundertook a project based on the broad themes of water, London and the Olympics that would give voice to the changes taking place. The result is London’s Olympic Waterscape, a 20-minute film comprising both ‘expert’ interview material discussing broad themes and developments and an embodied record of our engagement with the Olympic area during a brief period in the construction process. The present article is about the journey we took through and aroundthe east London‘s Olympic’ waterways as we attempted to capture thistransitional moment on video.

waterways; waterscape; east London; Olympics; 2012



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